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Wine Storage

More and more people are drinking wine these days. When I was growing up, wine was for "old people" of course back then, old people were in their 40's! Now, at the young age of 56, I see people of every generation drinking wine. And not only are they drinking wine, they are learning about it, making it, and collecting it.

As the popularity of this "nectar from the gods" grows, so does the need of properly storing wine. Home Storage Harmony has partnered with several wine storage and cellar manufacturers and now offers custom wine storage systems and wine cellars. Our partners have been in business over a combined 50 years and provide us with the expertise of wine storage.

Call us today at (402) 250-9924 for your free in-home consultation where we can provide designs for converting closets, basements, spare rooms, or open spaces into wine storage or full temperature controlled wine cellars.

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