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Cream and White Clothes

Our Projects

We provide products for every budget and create custom designs to fit the home and homeowner's needs and wants. Take a look at our work below to see how we have helped homeowners and business owners with their storage goals!

Walk-In Closet

Location: Omaha, NE


Finish: Arctic 

Quite a few conversation starters in this classy walk-in. From the island with gold handles, full- wall shoe display, to its purse cabinet, pulldown clothes rods, and let's not forget that chandelier!

Walk-In Pantry 

Location: Papillion, NE 

Finish: White

Full walk-in pantry with beautiful countertops, wet bar, and wine cooler section. 

Feed Room 

Location: Council Bluffs, IA 


Finish: Pewter

Our Garage product used in a Barn for feed and medicine. Big cabinets and 18inch deep heavy-duty drawers. 

Mud Room

Location: Council Bluffs, IA


Finish: Cloud (Grey) 

Upper cabinets with hooks beneath and bench loaded with soft-close drawers. 

Wine Cellar

Location: Elkhorn, NE 


Finish: Mahogany

Spare room turned into a wine cellar. Holds 500+ wine bottles! 

Wine Display 

Location: Omah, NE


Finish: Mocha + Driftwood 

Wine Display featured in our showroom. Glass doors and glass shelves are a nice touch to add to any display case.

Garage Storage

Location: Elkhorn, NE 


Finish: Pewter

A big garage needs big cabinets. We hang all our cabinets off the floor to help with sweeping and cleaning the floors. 

FreedomRail Storage Closet

Location: The Conrad Apt. Complex

Omaha, NE


Finish: Dark Grey

FreedomRail is completely adjustable and can be switched around to fit your changing needs.


Location: Gretna, NE 


Finish: Grey 

Keep your garage organized and clean by keeping things off the floor with Slatwall. 


Location: Omaha, NE


Finish: White

Updated washroom with hanging cabinets and drawers above washer and dryer to give it a built-in look. 

Chocolate Pear  Walk-In

Location: Omaha, NE 


Finish: Chocolate Pear

Our second most popular finish. Check out our Finishes page to view all our available colors. 

Reach-In Closet

Location: Lincoln, NE


Finish: Candlelight (Discontinued)

Reach-in closets don't have to be just hang rods and shelves. Don't be afraid to add drawers, glide outs, and other accessories!

Corner Units 

Location: Omaha, NE 


Finish: Antique

Corner units are not only useful


in adding more storage, but also


completes your closet with a


continuous flow.

Vintage Wine Rack Display 

Location: Papillion, NE


Finish: Black

Vintage View is an easy and modern way to display your best bottles of wine.

Small Wine Cellar

Location: Elkhorn, NE 


Finish: Mahagony

Mahagony is our top seller in our wine storage solutions. Mix it with Vintage View to get a sleek and fancy look. 

Mix and Match 

Location: Elkhorn, NE 


Finish: Arctic + Cloud

In this closet we used two different finishes. Cloud (grey) shelves and Arctic panels. This closet shows that you aren't just limited to one finish!


Location: Elkhorn NE


Finish: Chocolate Pear

Pull-downs are great for when you have tall ceilings in your closets and want to use that space for hanging rather than shelving.

Angled Ceilings

Location: In Dundee Omaha, NE 


Finish: White

Not all ceilings and walls come to 90 degrees. This is one way to use your space and even have some hidden storage behind backing. 

Murphy Bed 

Location: In Dundee Omaha, NE


Finish: White

Murphy beds are great for when you like things nice and tidy or need the extra space in your room. Or put it in your home office and use it as an extra room for your guests!


Location: In Gretna, NE


Finish: Winter + Cloud

didn't waste any space in this floor to ceiling washroom! 

Big and Tall Cabinets

Location: Elkhorn, NE 


Finish: Pewter

These Tall and wide cabinets are great for your bulkier garage items that you just don't want to see when your garage is all spick and span. 

Hang Space Galore

Location: Gretna, NE


Finish: White

Sometimes all you need is hang space in your closet and that's ok! 

24 Inch Deep Closet

Location: The Heritage at Sterling Ridge Omaha, NE


Finish: White

Deeper closet systems are nice for when you want your hang space to go back further, cover your hang space with doors, or want deeper drawers. Our standard panels are 12, 14, 18, 20, and 24 inches deep. 

Senior Living 

Location: The Heritage at Sterling Ridge Omaha, NE


Finish: White

Small walk-in closet customized to fit clients needs and accessibility.

Master Walk-In 

Location: Lincoln, NE 


Finish: White

Walk-In closet for a modern new construction house.  

Wine Cellar 

Location: Omaha, NE 


Finish: Mahogony 

This unique wine cellar starts


with an iron gate that opens to a


brick hallway which leads you


into a manmade cave!  

Basement Storage

Location: Gretna, NE 


Finish: White 

Built in floor to ceiling storage


cabinets for a basement room.

Chic Walk-In

Location: Gretna, NE 


Finish: Arctic 

Beautifully finished walk-in


closet with gold hardware. 

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