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Custom Closets

Storage Solutions For Every Area of Your Home and Garage

Unlock hidden space and transform your home with our custom shelving, cabinets, and accessories for a clutter-free, organized life.


Book a free design consultation and see how Home Storage Harmony can transform and organize your closets and garage.

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Improve Life in Any Area of Your Home

From Everyday Areas like Bedrooms and Pantries to Mudrooms and Home Offices We Have the Products to Fit Your Needs!

Transform Your Home With Smart Custom Closet and Garage Designs!

Do you have things neat and tidy in your home? Even if it looks nice, some places might need a little cleaning. Some people keep their extra stuff behind closed doors. It could be messy in closets, piled up in the home office, or tucked away on the top shelf in the pantry.

At Home Storage Harmony, we know why this happens. You're busy with work, school, kids, and other things. Who has time to always clean out closets and hidden spots? The good news is, with the right closet designs and organizers, keeping everything in order is a breeze!

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Home Storage Harmony, a family run company

Left to Right: Current owners Joel Hospodka, David Hospodka, and Anna Bellamy. Founder John Kreifels. Installer Peter Kreifels

An Omaha Family Tradition

Welcome to Home Storage Harmony, where family values meet top-notch organization solutions. As a proud family-run company servicing Omaha, NE and the surrounding areas, we bring a personal touch to the business of decluttering and maximizing your living spaces. With a commitment to excellence, we source our materials from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring that every product we offer is of the highest quality.

At Home Storage Harmony, we understand the unique needs of our community, and our mission is to provide tailored solutions that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. Serving the Omaha, NE area, our team combines extensive skills from generations of carpentry experience with cutting-edge materials and products, offering you the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. Unlike other companies, we prioritize your needs over unnecessary upselling, ensuring an honest and transparent experience.

Whether you're seeking clever storage solutions, stylish organization options, or innovative space-saving ideas, Home Storage Harmony is here to transform your living spaces into havens of order and tranquility. Join us on a journey to simplify your life with practical, efficient, and beautiful storage solutions crafted with care and dedication.

Messy closet

We're Here To Help

Is your closet a chaotic and cluttered space, making it a daily challenge to locate the items you need? An overflowing closet can turn your mornings into a frenzy as you spend precious time sifting through the clutter. 

  • ​Do you feel like the problem is too much to handle on your own?

  • ​Does it seem like every option is too complicated or too much work?  

  • ​Are you frustrated that your closets weren't built to give you the space you need?

  • ​And when it comes down to it, do you just want to bring order to your life?

Let us help you reclaim your space and your time with our expertly designed closets that provide both organization and convenience.

4 Simple Steps to Transform Your Space

Schedule a Free Consultation


Experience the personalized touch with a free consultation. Our custom closet designer will visit your home, analyzing your space and understanding your unique needs. Together, we'll create a tailored solution that maximizes your closet's potential. Request your consultation now and unlock the true potential of your space!


3D Design


Come visit our showroom and our expert team will bring your dream custom closet to life through our cutting-edge 3D design process. With meticulous attention to detail, we'll craft a virtual representation of your future space, ensuring every aspect aligns with your unique vision and design needs.

Custom Manufacture


Your components are then crafted using cutting-edge technology and the finest materials available, ensuring durability and performance that's second to none. Plus, we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction and peace of mind for years to come.




Enjoy exceptional quality and expertise. Our team of installers guarantees precise placement of every fastener and handles your residence with the highest level of care. Rely on us to enhance your living space with unparalleled results. Throughout the entire process to install your storage system, we are dedicated to providing a smooth and stress-free installation that goes above and beyond your expectations.


Book a free design consultation and see how Home Storage Harmony can transform and organize your closets and garage.

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