Meet Aimee Stuart our very own professional organizer.  











What does a Professional Organizer do?
A Professional Organizer is an expert who helps de-clutter and set up organizational systems in your home or small business that will allow you to be more efficient and productive. 

How long will each project take?
Every project and person is different, which will determine how long each project will take. During our initial consultation I will be able to assess and determine how long each project will take.

Are the sessions confidential?
Absolutely, the sessions are 100% confidential! I do, however take before and after photos and share them on my website/social media with your permission.

What happens with all of the "get rid of" stuff?
I haul donation items after each session at no cost to you. If there is a large amount of donations then we will schedule a donation pick up. If you are wanting to sell items, this will be your responsibility. 

 Professional Organizing  Fees

o   30 Minute Consultation                                                              FREE
An initial consultation is required for all potential clients prior to services. This consultation allows me to determine your needs and develop a game plan for the organizing project/process.

o   Get It Organized: Hands On Help                                             $95.00 /Hour                                       
This is where we dig in and get you organized. I will give you the hands on help to start and finish any organizing project you have. This gives you complete flexibility to purchase 2 hours all the way up to 40 hours.

o   Get Some Organized: 12 Hour Package                                  $995.00                                                                                        
Do you have one or two projects that need to get done ASAP? This is the package for you. Get a 10% discount off of the hourly rate and lets get those organizing projects done! This includes 3 sessions of 4 hours each and any unused hours will be used as maintenance.

o   Get A LOT Organized: 20 Hour Package                                 $1,500.00                                                 
If you feel overwhelmed with multiple areas of your home or business or have one large organizing project, this package would be best for you. This gives you a 15% discount off of the regular hourly rate and will be completed in 5 sessions of 4 hours each. Any unused hours will be used as maintenance.

o   Monthly Pick-Me-Up: One 3 Hour Visit Each Month             $250.00/month   
We all know how beneficial a regular housekeeper can be to our homes and our sanity! Just think what a monthly visit from a Professional Organizer can do! I will give you ongoing help with trouble spots and maintenance on previous projects we have completed.

**If paying by the hour, payment will be collected at the beginning of each session. All other package plans will be paid in full before the first session. Unused hours will be used for future maintenance hours and will not be refunded.