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Affiliate Incentive Program

1. Basic Referral Commission ($75 Commission)

Eligibility: Open to anyone who refers a client.

Commission Rate: Flat payment of $75 per order.

Referral Validation: Customer must present referral card/code or give referral name and email address.

2. Assisted Sale Commission (Additional 3%)

Eligibility: Specifically for professionals like professional organizers and interior designers who assist the client through the selection and decision-making process.

Commission Rate: Additional 3% of the total sale value, over and above the basic referral commission.

Criteria: The professional must actively assist in the selection process, providing guidance and advice to the customer.

3. Full-Service Design Commission (Additional 10%)

Eligibility: For individuals fully trained on our products and design process.

Commission Rate: Additional 10% of the total sale value, cumulative with other commissions.

Criteria: The individual must handle the entire design process, from initial concept to finalizing the order, including material selection.

Certification Requirement: Must be certified and approved by Home Storage Harmony as knowledgeable in our products and design process. (See Training Details Below)
Contractual Agreement: Participants at this level must agree to a formal contract outlining the terms and conditions of the program.

Combined Commission Structure

Total Potential Commission: An individual can earn up to $75 plus 13% in total commissions if they:

     1. Bring in the lead ($75).
     2. Assist the customer through the process (additional 3%).
     3. Fully design the closet ready for ordering material (additional 10%).

Example: For a $10,000 sale, an individual fulfilling all roles could earn $1,375.

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